About Us

The dynamic duo (super hero voice), or you can simply refer to us Peter (right) and Orlando (left), and together we are View Higher Pictures. "Now where does name come from?" you might ask. Well VHP was started on one basic principle.

We recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, he is the sole reason we are alive right now. So we look for stories that may lead people closer to the cross, stories that may redirect people toward He who is greater then us. The production company is a collaborative effort between two friends to produce, direct, and write, film and video with exceptional quality and integrity.


was born in California, but moved to New Jersey 14 years ago. His background in film started in high-school, where he did his best to drag/bribe his siblings, to fill out the rest of his production crew. He studied film at Nyack College, where he met Orlando and rescued him from a degree in radio broadcasting. He has also had the privilege and honor to be able to travel to a number of oversees locations including: El Salvador and Belize. His last trip to El Salvador allowed him to capture a mini-documentary that followed a short-term mission trip, he is currently in Post Production with this.  Peter's favorite aspect of filmmaking is editing, getting to craft and refine the story, whether its a wedding, a promo video, a docu-short, or the latest VHP film.


was born and raised in Harlem, New York City. While growing up he wanted to be doctor and study cardiology in medical school, as life would have it that wasn’t the plan in store for him. In the summer between his Junior and Senior year of High School, Orlando volunteered at a Young Life Camp as Work Crew for the entire month of August. It was there the Lord found him. He followed that up by applying to Nyack College in the fall of 2005 as a Computer Science major, but things never go the way we plan. Right before his first day of Computer Science classes, Orlando had a moment alone with the Lord to pray for direction. The next day he switched his major to Communications. In the months to follow Orlando became a sport announcer and manager of Nyack College’s student run radio station.  In that same semester Orlando and Peter met in a Public Speaking class. Quoting Anchorman  “I’m pretty much a big deal,” is how Orlando introduced himself and from there the rest is history, a friendship was born.