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Mommy and (Future) Daughter

Yamilka and I work together. She is an awesome person, really genuine, and just a plainly said a great person to be around when you day is going to the crapper. I think it’s rare that you meet people like this, so when she asked that I take her photos I became excited. Granted it

Time Lapse at Harlem Pier

We seldom time take time to notice all the beauty in our day. The Harlem Pier is one of the places in NYC that I go to to appreciate what beauty the world has to offer. It’s like Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a

Shanachie Entertainment

I’ve been working with Shanachie Entertainment, an independent music label, for a number of months now – creating short little promos for their artists and acquired older TV shows. Here is a sample of that work: Car 54 – Trailer/Promo Mint Condition – Slideshow/Promo Kim Burrell – Slideshow/Promo More to come…

Daniel Smock – The Acoustic Sessions

I’ve had the great honor of knowing Daniel for sometime now and to see his progression as a musician – so when Daniel approached me with the idea of filming some solo acoustic work – I jumped at it. So without further ado – here is Daniel: John Mayer – I can’t trust myself. Van