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Cry Music Video Preview

So two weekends ago we started shooting Cry (Cry by Frankie available on iTunes and Amazon) the music video. Our partner, Erwin, who works with Recovery House , a ministry based out of Union City and the ministry that produced this track, has started posting the preview on their Facebook page (search Recovery House on FB

NYC (Riverside Time-lapse)

So yesterday I wanted to do something creative I haven’t done since the summer…TIME-LAPSE…(also Peter did one last week I went out yesterday evening heading to this bridge on Riverside Drive in NYC to do a time-lapse of the sunset, too bad I was a little late, but then I saw something beautiful still. We often don’t

Night Sky Time Lapse

I never seem to give myself time to do TimeLapse work – it always seems like there is never a moment to do it. Well, last night while prepping our new site, I had decided I would give it a try. I was a little terrified setting up my camera, by itself, outside….but I prayed

Success!!! (personal email sent to Peter from Orlando)

Preface: So I was feeling pretty bad about myself. Feeling I would never hit success… but realized I needed to firs find out what success meant. The following is how that came about: Peter, So I’m going to paint a picture here for you last night. Remember when we were in the subway and we were

Project Stay Gold PT2

So early last year, ViewHigher had the honor of creating a short web “intro” video for Project Stay Gold - a number of months after, they reached out again, with more ideas. They had been creating some ideas for an online video curriculum, three different videos that would expose some different aspects, of the Modern Day

The Addiction

A recent post on Peter’s Facebook: “You’re addicted to inspiration. You consume it but do nothing. You’ve been inspired enough for a lifetime; it’s time to go make something.” -twitter somewhere I think I am probably suffering from some type of creative block. My head feels full of ideas but at the same time nothing is coming out. When I

Siri: A Love…and Horror story.

So this is definitely a less serious side of VHP showing itself – iphone in hand we quickly decided that these movies needed to be made. Well…whether or not they needed to be made, is probably debatable, but we wanted to make them so…..Here you go. Both Siri films. Part 1: Love. Part 2: Death.

Sisters Music Video

Back in august I had my first encounter with green screen (how exciting). Someone once said to me you learn by doing and that was so true in this case. The shoot started interestingly enough with a broken light bulb, so we couldn’t get underway until we received a replacement. For those of you that

Let Give

Recently we had the opportunity to work for LetGive. Let Give is a start-up company that leverages the way we use technology to transform chartable giving. “As the world’s first Open Giving Platform, we engage potential givers across a broad range of online and mobile content and inspire giving at an unprecedented scale.” LetGive, along

Project Stay Gold

Hey Guys! Just wanted to quickly introduce you to an AWESOME organization i’ve been involved with recently: Project Stay Gold. They are a “student movement to abolish modern day slavery…” – I know right, woah! I’ve had the awesome opportunity and privilege to create their website promo video – I think it turned out Amazing! The video