Time Lapse

Central Park // Time-Lapse

Normally, Mondays are my a day off from work because I work all day on Sundays. Monday is my Sabbath. Tpyically my sabbath consist of me eating food of poor nutritional value, binging on Netfilx movies, and playing video games until I’m bored. Rinse and repeat! I’m always yapping away at my fiancée and Peter

Time Lapses…cont.

Tuesday afternoon I decided that I haven’t had enough. The Time-Lapse bug has bitten me and its venom surge through my blood (over dramatic?).  It might be an addiction y’all! So I combined Monday’s  time-lapse (over looking the Westside Highway and Hudson River) with another time-lapse from my friend’s terrace, which over looks uptown 8th avenue.

NYC (Riverside Time-lapse)

So yesterday I wanted to do something creative I haven’t done since the summer…TIME-LAPSE…(also Peter did one last week https://vimeo.com/37154278). I went out yesterday evening heading to this bridge on Riverside Drive in NYC to do a time-lapse of the sunset, too bad I was a little late, but then I saw something beautiful still. We often don’t

Night Sky Time Lapse

I never seem to give myself time to do TimeLapse work – it always seems like there is never a moment to do it. Well, last night while prepping our new site, I had decided I would give it a try. I was a little terrified setting up my camera, by itself, outside….but I prayed

Time Lapse at Harlem Pier

We seldom time take time to notice all the beauty in our day. The Harlem Pier is one of the places in NYC that I go to to appreciate what beauty the world has to offer. It’s like Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a