What’s New: Nyack College

A little over a year ago, Peter and I, were hired by Nyack College to produce a video about their NYC campus moving from 361 Broadway to Battery Park (lower Manhattan). We were excited to join forces with our alma mater and produce a great video. Peter shot and edited the video, while I (Orlando) hosted while also

Jason & Kristina // North Jersey Wedding

It’s September 8th, and it just rain through the night. Peter and I (Orlando) weren’t sure if the weather would agree with us through the day, more importantly for Jay and Kay (aka Jason and Kristina). “Just praying the rain stays away,” joked Kristina’s father. God does answer prayer! The ceremony was beautiful and there was even

Orlando and Kristen (1 Year Anniversary)

Kristen is my (Orlando) Fiancée, we just celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend. We took a little video of our one year, something to showcase our personalities and what we did. We traveled from Saratoga Springs, NY to Manchester, VT and spent a day just walking around town and being silly.

Time Lapses…cont.

Tuesday afternoon I decided that I haven’t had enough. The Time-Lapse bug has bitten me and its venom surge through my blood (over dramatic?).  It might be an addiction y’all! So I combined Monday’s  time-lapse (over looking the Westside Highway and Hudson River) with another time-lapse from my friend’s terrace, which over looks uptown 8th avenue.

Night Sky Time Lapse

I never seem to give myself time to do TimeLapse work – it always seems like there is never a moment to do it. Well, last night while prepping our new site, I had decided I would give it a try. I was a little terrified setting up my camera, by itself, outside….but I prayed

Sisters Music Video

Back in august I had my first encounter with green screen (how exciting). Someone once said to me you learn by doing and that was so true in this case. The shoot started interestingly enough with a broken light bulb, so we couldn’t get underway until we received a replacement. For those of you that

Project Stay Gold

Hey Guys! Just wanted to quickly introduce you to an AWESOME organization i’ve been involved with recently: Project Stay Gold. They are a “student movement to abolish modern day slavery…” – I know right, woah! I’ve had the awesome opportunity and privilege to create their website promo video – I think it turned out Amazing! The video

Mommy and (Future) Daughter

Yamilka and I work together. She is an awesome person, really genuine, and just a plainly said a great person to be around when you day is going to the crapper. I think it’s rare that you meet people like this, so when she asked that I take her photos I became excited. Granted it