Back in February Peter and I shot a video with a School, William Wordsworth Elementary. We partnered with a Marketing/PR, Spark Marketing, run by my friend Ruth and through Ruth we partnered with an organization called Pencil. Pencil works with NYC base public schools to help in areas that school may need help in. The

Cry Music Video Preview

So two weekends ago we started shooting Cry (Cry by Frankie available on iTunes and Amazon) the music video. Our partner, Erwin, who works with Recovery House , a ministry based out of Union City and the ministry that produced this track, has started posting the preview on their Facebook page (search Recovery House on FB

Success!!! (personal email sent to Peter from Orlando)

Preface: So I was feeling pretty bad about myself. Feeling I would never hit success… but realized I needed to firs find out what success meant. The following is how that came about: Peter, So I’m going to paint a picture here for you last night.┬áRemember when we were in the subway and we were

Siri: A Love…and Horror story.

So this is definitely a less serious side of VHP showing itself – iphone in hand we quickly decided that these movies needed to be made. Well…whether or not they needed to be made, is probably debatable, but we wanted to make them so…..Here you go. Both Siri films. Part 1: Love. Part 2: Death.