Central Park // Time-Lapse

Normally, Mondays are my a day off from work because I work all day on Sundays. Monday is my Sabbath. Tpyically my sabbath consist of me eating food of poor nutritional value, binging on Netfilx movies, and playing video games until I'm bored. Rinse and repeat! I'm always yapping away at my fiancée and Peter about how I never have time for anything creative, time for the sheer fun of doing something because I can!

Well today my friends, I stopping my yapping and put went out there to something because I could. This time-lapse isn't best one I have ever done, no it's far from that; however, it's special because I just did it to do it. I didn't do it because I might get paid (although that would be nice), I did it because my soul wanted take a walk.

I took a walk through some of my favorite places in Central Park, and whatever seemed interesting to me I pointed my camera at it and shot it, 5 second intervals and 100 photos each.

Let this be a reminder to all of you who get paid to be creative and brillent, take sometime to feed yourself. What you are about to read might sound like a line from American Beauty, but today I notice a bunch of little beautiful things as I took my walk, and they inspired me.

When is the last time you notice a bunch of little things?

Turn off your cell phone. Unplug. Feed. Be inspired.

Orlando S.




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