Time Lapses…cont.

Tuesday afternoon I decided that I haven't had enough. The Time-Lapse bug has bitten me and its venom surge through my blood (over dramatic?).  It might be an addiction y'all! So I combined Monday's  time-lapse (over looking the Westside Highway and Hudson River) with another time-lapse from my friend's terrace, which over looks uptown 8th avenue.  I can't thank them enough, but I will do it one more time...thanks to David and Mario (affectionally named Knox and Rio).

These are some of my favorite spots in harlem. They make me think and inspire me. In my personal opinion certain time-lapses are always these, while awesome, often over-rated locations. Sometimes the simpler the better. I like to say KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Enjoy the 2min of, again in my opinion, bliss!



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