Success!!! (personal email sent to Peter from Orlando)

Preface: So I was feeling pretty bad about myself. Feeling I would never hit success... but realized I needed to firs find out what success meant. The following is how that came about:


So I'm going to paint a picture here for you last night. Remember when we were in the subway and we were talking about success and I was feeling so small comparing my life to the people at the fashion show? Well you were right in telling me I shouldn't and quoting scripture to remind me why I shouldn't. Last night when you dropped me off at 116th street to meet so I could meet my friend Chris* I told you I was going to say hi and do sort of a check in with him and my other friend Mike*. These two awesome guys who want to give us so much so we can skyrocket!

Chris, Mike, and I have share many a nights together hanging out (a lot more as of late). Last night was the first night I can say our conversation got deep. I don't remember exactly how this got started, but Chris start as he always did saying, "Orlando I love you, and I want you to kill it in your industry. I wonder if you guys work as hard as we did in finance where you would be right now? Not saying you don't work hard but really making this your baby." We somehow moved on to talk about our lives growing up. Chris starting talk about his Dad, Mike cut him off saying, "You are the only reason me and my Dad starting talking again. I disliked my Dad for a while [2/3 years to be exact]." Chris mentioned his Dad died. Chris grew up in the southeast side of Detroit, and pretty rough place. His Dad didn't have a lot of money, but he spent a lot of his "weekends with is father." (his parents divorced at 3). Chris's dad, although he didn't have a lot of money, he invested in people in his community. Out of all the things he remembers about his dad he remembers that most of all, because he stills has people who call him up to talk to him about his dad. This got us talking about we are to mentor the kids in our neighborhood that don't have that. That need a dad or a mentor to help them along the way, because these kids have no clue what life is really like, all they have are these rappers and famous people who tell them life is all about Money.

Chris said the most amazing thing I think I have heard him say knowing him within the 2 years that I have, "I could make a 4 million dollars tomorrow and that would mean nothing. Give your money to good causes while is a good thing means nothing as well. What matters is the people you invest in. The people you sit down and talk to in order to help." (1 corinthians 13, this is just reminding me of that passage)

A light bulb went off. It was like God just showed up sat down next to us and smile to me and said, "Do you get it now?"

I didn't go there expecting this. I went there expecting a few friends who were going to make me laugh and talk about bs to help me numb the pain I was feeling. (Tears are starting to come to eyes because this is real and I hope I didn't lose you along the way of this incredibly long email.) Instead of numbing the pain with lame humorous acts of a sitcom, it was more like healing and understanding and my ah-ha moment. God will find us were we are at and take us to where we need to be. Right away I wrote in my iPhone, "Success is the amount of people lives you touch and improve! So spread the gospel and love others as christ love you." Please put that in our revamped "About us"

Dude I don't think I have ever told you. I love you like a brother (yeah you will be the best man at my wedding and the bachelor party lol) and yeah you have many qualities I wish I could have, your attitude, your faith in God (I feel like I come in and out of mine some days), your knowledge, some of your skill set, and you are overall as a person. Day's when I feel like whats the point you encourage me to work harder and try harder, and I only hope I do the same for you. God has partners for a reason. Although we are like day and night in someways (and not a color things obviously you would be night and me day) that is what makes us "us". So like you said once in an email to me, "I don't wanna be the next big production company." We are already successful in many ways, lets keep shooting, literally and figuratively, for the Jesus, our Father, Friend, Saviour, and Christ!

Success (noun) - The amount of people lives we touch, improve, and love as Christ loved us.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of my friends


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