Sisters Music Video

Back in august I had my first encounter with green screen (how exciting). Someone once said to me you learn by doing and that was so true in this case. The shoot started interestingly enough with a broken light bulb, so we couldn't get underway until we received a replacement. For those of you that don't know how green screen or shooting on any back drop works (but especially green/blue screen) the filmmaker must light the subject and back drop fully and separately. Once I was able to return from B&H (in record time I might add) we started shooting immediately.  The shoot lased about 5 to 6 hours and mainly consited of performace shots.

The great thing about directing people you know is you know what buttons to press to get the result you want. A few of the women I had to direct never acted, and so with that knowledge I told them to give me real emotions. It was great to see these women rise to the occasion and deliever great performances that were true to their personal experiences.  Stephanie and I developed a concept based on the women she was closest to. The song Sisters is an anthem calling all women out to call upon Jesus Christ, our LORD and savior. The dash of red the women are wearing in the video is suppose to represent sisterhood and the blood of Christ.

This is the first music video that we shot as a company that will be available on iTunes. You can watch it on our website under the portfilo section.


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